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Monitored Safety for Peace of Mind

  • Four Interconnected Monitoring Centers are Available to You, 24/7
  • Professional Response Dispatchers are Ready for Your Emergency Calls
  • Local Authorities and Response Services can Immediately be Contacted for You
  • Your Monitored Security Control Panel Alerts the Centers of Any Security Breach

User Friendly

  • Easily Operate Your Entire Monitored System with a Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Arm & Disarm Your Intuitive System with a Simple Single Touch of a Button
  • Professional Installation Technicians Offer Easy Demonstrations for System Users
  • Receive Fast Direct Response from ADT Monitored Security Dispatchers from Up to 75 Feet

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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Date Archive - June 2010

Crime Statistics That Should Get Your Attention

24 June, 2010

Don't become a property crime statistic because you did nothing.

Great Ways To Improve Your Home Security

21 June, 2010

Starting a neighborhood watch is a great way to rid your area of potential burglars.

Where Are Affluent American's Moving?

19 June, 2010

Home security in financially affluent areas is a top priority.

Mark Your Valuables for Later Identification

17 June, 2010

If you happen to be the unfortunate victim of a home burglary, chances are the items stolen are at a local pawnshop. However, just walking in and telling the owner that such and such piece of property belongs to you isn't going to fly unless you can prove it. With today's modern technology, there's really no reason not to take the time and effort to identify and log your personal property. This includes guns, consumer electronics, jewelry, computers, tools, and anything else of value.

Hi-Tech & Lo-Tech Combine For The Best In Home Security

10 June, 2010

A blend of products and approaches to home security is the right combination.

Give Yourself Options When Creating Your Home Security Plan

7 June, 2010

When you decide you want the best in home security than you have options.

How You Can Improve On Your Home Security

3 June, 2010

Making some small changes can dramatically strengthen your home security.