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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Archive - Page 5

Property Crimes - A Concise Look At Property Crimes Across The US

26 March, 2010

Mark Lowry

U.S. households experience about 16.3 million property crimes annually. This incredible number equates to almost 45,000 property crimes PER DAY in the United States. At this rate – 31 property crimes occur every minute of every day of every week of the year – is it only a matter of time before you become just another property crime statistic?

How many households do you estimate there are in your city? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? A property crime in the United States is experienced by 134 households per every 1,000. If you take an average metropolitan city like Salt Lake City, Utah with a population of roughly 180,000 people, this breaks down to approximately 71,000 households. This means on average that 9,500 households in Salt Lake City, and in cities approximately the same size, will suffer a property crime this year. How long can you continue leaving your home unsecured with these crime statistics staring you in the face?

Let’s face fact here. The property crime rates in the United States are actually at such a level as to frighten the average citizen, and with good reason. With 31 property crimes happening every minute of every day, at an average loss per burglary or theft standing at $2,000, are you prepared to suffer a loss like this?

What are some things around your house that cost $2,000, or total up to that amount? Could you live without your laptop computer and Blu-ray DVD player? How about that new flat screen HDTV you bought the family as a holiday gift? That one might even tip the scales somewhere north of two grand.

The facts about home burglars is this: they are looking for easy targets, they want in and out of a house in under five minutes, and they want high-value items that are easy to pawn, trade, or otherwise sell for quick cash. A home security burglar system is a security measure that will stop a very high percentage of burglars dead in their tracks. In fact, a house equipped with a professionally installed burglar alarm is less likely to be robbed by a factor of 3 to 1 versus a house with no security system installed.

The facts and statistics are there for you to see, and the current state of the economy is adding fuel to the fire. Refuse to become another property crime statistics today by having a monitored home security burglar alarm professionally installed today. You and your family deserve the peace of mind.

Security Choices - You Have Choices When It Comes To Home Security

22 March, 2010

By Mark Lowry

Let’s not fool ourselves about the current state of crime in this country. There’s plenty of danger lurking, and one really doesn’t have to look too far or too hard to find it. You can’t turn on your satellite television news, or even pick up a local newspaper without discovering a story about a robbery, home invasion, or burglary. Sometimes these happen very close to home, and a neighbor or loved one is the victim. Protecting yourself and your family is no longer an option. As the economy worsens, the level of desperation in some people goes on the rise. There are plenty of professional burglars out there, but many amateurs are joining the crime wave, which is why property crime rates are on the rise across the nation. When you choose a wireless home security burglar alarm system to protect your home and your family, you’re choosing the most state-of-the-art option on the market today.

One thing there is no shortage of in the home security burglar alarm market is option and choices. There’s simply no question about the sheer number of choices you’re presented with each and every time you start to shop for a home security system. You can get a simple door and window alarm that attaches easily to door and window frames, and sound an audible alarm when one of the protected doors or windows is opened. This high decibel alarm could be enough to scare off most intruders, especially if they just want to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible with something – anything – of value.

However, if a burglar is there to rob you blind, or worse, cause you or your loved ones harm, then you need a much more sophisticated home security system. This is actually the recommended approach versus simple door and window alarms, because you’re assuming a burglar means the worst, which means you’ll be prepared for them no matter their motivation. A wireless, monitored home security system, complete with two-way voice communication and panic pendants is truly the best way to secure your home and protect your loved ones.

With a comprehensive home security system, your home and family will be protected around the clock. You will have highly trained home security experts monitoring your home every minute of every day – whether you’re home or not – which means the instant anything goes wrong in your home, emergency dispatch personnel are already alerting your local emergency response units, often faster than you can dial 911.

If there ever were good arguments for not having a home security system, they’ve all become meaningless in this modern era. Don’t wait another day to start protecting your family against people who mean you harm. Discover the total benefits of a wireless and monitored home security burglar alarm system.

Home Security Tips - Key Tips To Make Your House Virtually Burglar Proof

18 March, 2010

Mark Lowry

If it feels like there are more and more news stories each day about home burglaries and break-ins, that’s because there are. Property crimes are on the rise across the country, and the sour economy seems to be fuel for the fire. Criminals that engage in home burglaries are, for the most part, looking for an easy score. They look for unlocked doors, cracked windows, and telltale signs that no one’s been home for several days. This is why it has become necessary to take measured precautions to protect your home against potential break-ins. Here are some safety tips you can use each and every day. Their genius is in their simplicity and common sense.

You may not feel that you need a reminder to keep your doors and windows locked, but unlocked doors are the number one way burglars gain entry into houses. No smashing down doors, or breaking windows, or picking locks, or any of the really cool things we see on satellite TV that involve disabling alarm systems. You may as well put up a neon “Open” sign in your front yard. Keeping all doors and windows locked and secure is the best way to deter burglars. Remember, they’re after easy targets and if your house represents any sort of challenge at all, they’ll move on and find someplace easier, and trust us when we tell you if you lock your doors and windows there will be easier places to be found.

Don't leave keys to your house somewhere outside that you think is clever. This isn’t the 1950s, and there’s no place you can think to hide a key that a seasoned burglar won’t know about ahead of time, and will most certainly check before deciding some other method of gaining entry into your house. You might have decided a long time ago that you would never leave a key under a rock, doormat, or potted plant, but there are still far too many people who do. There are better options. You can leave a key with a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member for starters. You can also invest in keyless door locks that work on such technology as number pads or even thumbprint recognition. Whatever you decide, make certain to never leave a spare key on the exterior of your house.

Having a monitored home security burglar alarm system professionally installed in your house will reduce your risk of being robbed nearly 3 to 1 versus homes that do not have a monitored system installed. Today’s home security burglar alarm systems include door and window sensors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, wireless cameras, high decibel sirens, exterior lighting, and many other state-of-the-art home security products. Burglars are not only looking for easy targets, they’re also looking to not get caught. The professionals who monitor home security burglar alarm systems can have emergency response units on their way faster than you might realize, and often much quicker than dialing 911.

Just a little effort on your part, and a professionally installed and monitored home security burglar alarm system can make your house virtually burglar proof. Make the decision today.

Monitored Burglar Alarms - Fight Professional Burglars With Professionals Of Your Own

4 March, 2010

The economy is down, tempers sometimes flare as a result, people panic and get nervous about how they’re going to make ends meet, and in case you’re wondering if crime rates are on the increase – particularly home burglaries – the answer's yes. Property crime rates are rising along with the rest of the crime statistics, and for this reason alone, now is the time for you to have a monitored home security burglar alarm professionally installed in your house.

Monitored home security burglar alarm systems are specially designed to protect homes and families from a variety of dangers, including home invasions and home burglaries. If you’re wondering if there’s really much of a difference between a home security burglar alarm system that is monitored and one that isn’t, consider this: professional burglars are very skilled at their tradecraft, so shouldn’t you really be fighting them off with professional home security monitoring experts who are very skilled at what they do?

Many people make the mistake of doing just enough to feel like they’re preventing a potential break-in, or worse, pretending that a home burglary will never happen to them, but experience teaches that those people are living with a false sense of security, which is even more dangerous.  Homes that do not have adequate safety measures are easy pickings for professional burglars, and in these tough times their numbers are on the rise. Some studies show that homes without a home security burglar alarm system installed have as much as three times the chance of being burglarized versus homes with a professionally installed home security burglar alarm system. Making it hard on burglars is what will have them passing on your house, and looking for an easier target elsewhere.

When you are putting together a home security burglar alarm system for your house, be sure to consider such options as two-way voice communication, monitored door and window sensors, interior motion detectors, wireless security cameras, and exterior lighting designed to detect motion around your property.

In addition to these home security burglar alarm components, there are several things you can do around your property to increase the chances of deterring a would-be burglar. Install heavy duty, case hardened deadbolt locks on all your exterior doors. Make certain you’re using strong sash locks on every window. Keep your shrubs and bushes trimmed and free from clutter, and make certain you never leave a spare key to your house under a doormat, plant pot, or rock. Burglars look there every time, and you might be surprised how often they find what they’re looking for.

Don’t leave your home security to chance. Professional burglars know every trick of the trade when it comes to getting into and out of homes fast. Make the choice to have an ADT monitored home security system professionally installed today, and fight professionals with professionals.

Home Security Mistakes - Costly Home Security Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

1 March, 2010

When it comes to making mistakes that lead to breaches in home security, a lot can be due to the fact that something wasn’t considered, or that someone didn’t know that a certain thing is something burglars look to exploit to break into your house. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this article you’ll not only have a very good idea about the sorts of things that can lead to a home burglary, but you’ll also start thinking about your specific space and property and will be able to readily identify those things around your house that need to be shored up.

No one likes making mistakes, or having to admit them. When it comes to home security, however, some mistakes can be catastrophic which is why it is critical that they are avoided. Far too many home invasions and burglaries happen in the United States for one very simple and easily avoidable mistake: an open window or door! The whole goal of home security is to make it hard on a would-be burglar to gain entry. Leaving a door or window open is almost as bad as putting all of your belongings in your front yard with a sign that reads “Do No Steal”. Rule number one of home security: lock your doors and windows!

Rule number two seems as obvious as rule number one, but you’d be surprised – or maybe not – how many people have a home security burglar alarm system installed and then never arm it! Some surveys suggest that as many as one in three owners of home security burglar alarms fail to arm their systems. Honestly, this is an unconscionable mistake and possibly the most easily resolved by simply arming your system! Installing the control panel near your most trafficked door should serve as a good reminder. Also, today’s home security burglar alarm systems include wireless keychain remotes.

If you can imagine such a thing in this day and age as hiding a house key by the front or back door, then you can imagine one of the biggest security gaffs imaginable. Honestly, this is never a good idea and to this day any skilled burglar will look under door mats, potted plants, and rocks near any door. If you feel like you need to store a spare key somewhere, a trusted neighbor or a lock box is the best solution.

The more you think about home security, the more you will come to understand that it’s all about making it hard on burglars. They seek easy targets and will move on quickly the minute they find any real challenges. So, lock your doors and arm your monitored home security burglar alarm system for a safer, more secure home immediately.