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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Archive - Page 7

Home Security versus Privacy - Don't Confuse Home Privacy with Home Security

2 February, 2010

There are many great books dealing with all manner of landscaping for your yard. Many discuss the concept of planting large trees, hedges, and shrubs for a variety of purposes including wind breaking, aesthetics, and of course privacy.

The most responsible of those books are quick to point out that home privacy is not the same as home security, and that any plans to use landscaping privacy as home security is not only misguided, but potentially dangerous.

Let's explore the differences and discover how vulnerable our homes and gardens can be. It's easy to add home security measures to make our properties safer and more secure.

It is important and essential to introduce privacy to allow us enjoy quiet time together in our yards, without the prowling and probing eyes from the street or neighbors. Some families tend to throw up privacy fences around the yard or strategically planted trees.

However; doing so may also disguise intruders who use the fence or landscaping for cover. Many homeowners errantly mistake landscaping privacy for security. So, what form of home security is necessary for your house and family to be truly secure?

Home security systems can easily and affordably be enhanced through internal external means. Inside the house you can add motion detectors, door and window sensors, and high-decibel alarms. Home security monitoring systems are monitored by professional security dispatchers who contact local emergency response units for you. This is particularly beneficial if you’re trapped in a fire, or if your home security is breached anytime you're out of the house.

Add protection to the outside of your property with motion sensitive lighting and wireless surveillance cameras. These home security items work well in tandem; when an intruder comes onto your property the motion sensor lights illuminate the area while wireless cameras roll to capture the intrusion. These systems can also be integrated into your home security monitoring systems.

Home security alarm systems are essential for protecting your property and love ones. Never confuse home or landscaping privacy for actual home security. After all, skilled burglars won’t make that mistake.

Call today and see how we can help you secure your home with professionally installed ADT home security monitoring services.

Home Security Monitoring Systems Increase Round-The-Clock Protection, Even When You Can't Be Home

1 February, 2010

Many people install alarms to notify them if an intruder comes into the home and motion-sensitive exterior lighting to illuminate their landscape should someone come onto the property uninvited.

Talk to friends, family and neighbors about security concerns and you'll find that most people worry about breaches in home safety when they and their family are at home, inside the house.

However; crime statistics show that many break-ins occur when the house is unoccupied. While this fact may lessen fears regarding violent crime and physical threats, victims of burglary still feel very violated. It's an expensive inconvenience to have to replace valuable items, too. What if irreplaceable heirlooms and other assorted personal treasures are taken? There really are some things that money can't buy.

Home security monitoring systems are the only way to get more complete and dependable protection, every hour of every day. With expertly staffed monitoring centers across the U.S., ADT monitored home security keeps an eye on your home when you're there as well as when you're away.

There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your house and all your valuable belongings are reasonably protected even when you can't be there. If the home alarm is triggered, a signal goes immediately to the monitoring center. They in turn contact your local authorities who will head quickly to your home to question and/or apprehend any intruders that are on site when they arrive.

The well trained monitoring center representatives will call you as well to assess your situation and verify your personal safety. In the house or out, you will be able to enjoy more security with a monitored home security alarm system.

Home security wireless alarms are idea for home owners as well as renters. You shouldn't have to own a house in order to retain reliable safety! With wireless alarm equipment, the systems are easy to set up (no drilling, no damage to walls) and they're equally simple to remove and relocate.

Home safety is always important, even when you can't be in the house. Try monitored home security systems and see how that extra peace of mind can enhance your well being.

Home Security Alarm Monitoring - Take Your Safety To The Next Level

29 January, 2010

If you are looking for a way to take your home security fire alarm system to the next level, consider bringing security home from one of the leading home security system companies. Home security monitoring systems are one of the highest levels of protection you can have at home.

A home security fire alarm system monitoring service will monitor your home while you are there or away. Should the unexpected happen, they will notify local emergency response teams immediately.

This can save you valuable time in a fire emergency, and if you’re home at the time you cans focus your attention on getting your family to safety, rather than notifying the authorities. Your top priority is getting your family out of the burning house and to safety. Get peace of mind by having a one of the great home security monitoring systems installed today.

With a fire alarm monitoring service, you normally pay a small monthly fee – usually not much more than a dollar a day. If you do some research you’ll find great home security monitoring companies that will have all of the features you want. Special deals and great rate plans will get you a plan that will fit comfortably into your budget, too.

Make sure you find an experienced and reputable company that offers terrific customer service and expertly staffed home security system monitoring centers. They must be available around the clock, every day of the week, every week of the year. This will ensure that you have complete coverage day or night, home or away, weekday or weekend. Emergencies can come up any time of the night or day. Home security can't take a holiday.

It’s also a good idea to inform your insurance company and your homeowners association when you install a home security fire alarm system, complete with monitoring. There are often discounts - up to 20% - associated with the installation of home security systems, including lower HOA fees and insurance premiums.

Smoke and heat detectors are also an important addition to any monitored home security fire alarm system. They should be installed high on walls, or on ceilings, near sleeping areas and any other place in your home where a fire could break out. Don't overlook laundry rooms, furnace areas and the kitchen. Do not install detectors near open windows, hot air returns, ceiling fans or air conditioners.

Home security fire alarm companies can help you bring more security home. With this service you do not have to worry about your home when you’re away. There’s no price you can put on complete home security. Call and see how you can begin protecting your home and family today.

Door And Window Security | Consider Door And Window Security Contacts For A Safer Home

26 January, 2010

Door and window contacts (also referred to as "sensors") are a really great way to know when a secure area of your house has been breached. They’re very easy to install, unobtrusive, and multi-functional.  In short, they are a perfect addition to any home security system!

Think about the various things you want to keep safe in your home, and then realize that virtually every one of these things is in a room with a door and sometimes many windows. If someone wants to take something of yours they have to gain access through a window or door. So it makes sense to add some protection to these access points.

Door Window Contacts have many features, including:

Magnetic alarm contacts, designer looks, universal fit that ensures they can be mounted on existing door and window frames, wireless transmission of a signal to your home security burglar alarm system if the seal of the door or window is broken, and overhead contacts that are great for garage doors, and best of all they are easy to install. They can be recessed so they can’t be seen from inside or outside your house when your door or window is closed. This ensures the appearance of your doors and windows will not be altered.

Let’s take a look at contacts for exterior doors and windows. The more obvious places to install door and window contacts are your exterior doors and windows. If you accidentally leave these unlocked, and this is happens all the time, your home security is then compromised. Many people have multi-storey homes or apartments which are difficult to visually monitor for unlocked doors and windows. With door and window contact you’ll be notified if a door or window has been left open, or if one or the other has just been opened.

What are some other applications for door and window contacts inside your home? There are other places where door and window contacts can be mounted, some of which you may not have considered, but once you do you will think of quite a few more. Inside your home there are precious or potentially dangerous things that need to be kept secure. For instance, a door or window contact can be applied to jewelry boxes, so that if anyone attempts to access your precious jewels you will know immediately.

Gun security is also very important, particularly if you have young children. Most people lock their guns away in gun cases, which is the most prudent form of security for them. Have you ever consider what might happen if a young child found your keys or otherwise gained access to your gun cabinet? Unfortunately, we’ve all seen and read the stories. Don’t let this happen to you. You can easily install a door or window contact to a gun case, which will quickly alert you if the door is opened, giving you time to respond before anything tragic can happen.

Small little security measures like door and window contacts can make all the difference between being safe and secure and coming home to a house that’s been robbed. Contact today and see how we can help.

Crime Reporting Can Pay | Reward Money Often Available to Those who Rat Out Criminals

25 January, 2010

Reporting crime can pay! Many law enforcement services offer lucrative rewards to people who offer accurate, relevant information that leads to the arrest and conviction of criminals.

Crime Stoppers, an organization that assists in apprehending criminals within the U.S. if a good resource for information pertaining to wanted fugitives and related reward funds.

For example, there is a $1,000 reward available at this time for information about three robbery suspects in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The three broke into and burglarized a residence on January 7. The home owners were out of the house and the crime took place between the hours of approximately 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., according to police investigators.

The home on Ely Road had its back door pried open and several items, including DVDs, jewelry, cash (all in a small beige colored safe) as well as apparel, were taken. Fortunately, the victim had installed a video surveillance camera and there is footage of the incident. This fact will make the crooks a little easier to track down!

All three burglars were men. They were all black; one appeared old and taller than the other two. At the time of the incident one was wearing a dark hooded jacket and ball cap. His dark jeans had a design on the back pockets. The second suspect had short hair and was wearing a dark down jacket, dark shoes and khaki pants. The older, taller suspect had facial hair when the burglary took place.

Memphis is another Tennessee locale that experiences a high degree of crime. Those who report usable information are often eligible for reward money.

A few Memphis crimes that are under investigation include a shooting that took place at the Warren Apartments near Clementine and Warren. One man received a chest wound in the incident. A stolen Police squad car, taken in South Memphis, has been recovered. The vehicle was taken while an officer chased two suspects on foot. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle. The officers do have information on a suspect, however; no one is in custody at this time.

A reward of up to $7,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man who robbed a Midtown credit union. The racing fan wore a No. 88 NASCAR hat while he held up the First South Credit Union at 1941 Madison at gun point.

After the robbery the man ran out and fled, on foot, southbound on Tucker Street. He was a white man, likely in his mid to late 30's with light brown hair. At the time of the incident he had a goatee and wore a light color t-shirt. He was armed with a black semi-automatic pistol.

If you do have any information about these suspects please contact the local authorities immediately. You may also talk with Crime Stoppers to disclose the suspects' identity and whereabouts. Keeping criminals off the streets is one very effective way to help enhance your residence's home security.