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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Archive - Page 6

Home Security - Creating A Safe And Secure Environment At Home

26 February, 2010

When we think about the most important things in our lives we almost always start with family and loved ones, working out the rest of the details from there. Considering that family and loved ones are our top priorities it’s almost impossible to believe so many people don’t consider home security as a mandatory part of their home. Security and safety are clearly the top priority, and while there are certainly different ways these can be achieved, having a monitored home security burglar and fire alarm system professionally installed in your home is one of the most effective ways of keeping your loved ones safe, secure, and not surprisingly happy.

A system like ADT monitored home security burglar and fire alarm system is a great way to start protecting your loved ones. After a professional installation, which can often be found free of charge, you will instantly know that your home, your belongings, and your family are safer than ever before. You gain a true sense of control and peace of mind knowing that your family is protected against smoke, fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and of course burglary. You can sleep easy at night knowing everything you’ve worked for throughout your entire life is protected.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t understand the full extent of the damage done after a home invasion or burglary. It’s not just the loss of items. Sure, it will be hard to realize you’ve probably lost some of your family’s possessions and will never see them again – some probably irreplaceable – but the emotions and feelings you’re left with can be quite upsetting. Thoughts of having your private space intruded can run you through the gamut, emotionally. You’ll be angry and feel violated, but worse than that is the fear that frequently sets in after a home invasion. It’s terrifying knowing someone entered your house for the purpose of stealing your stuff. After a robbery a large number of people feel uncomfortable and even scared inside their own home. One way to avoid ever having to deal with these feelings is to have a home security burglar alarm system professionally installed in your house.

Simply having a sign in your yard and stickers in your windows will send most burglars looking for an easier target. In the event of an emergency, emergency response units can be on their way faster than dialing 911 when you have a monitored home security burglar alarm system installed in your house. Many burglars know this fact and are quite reluctant to take their chances with homes that advertise the fact that they are protected with a home security burglar alarm system.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to taking care of, and protecting your family and loved ones. Contact today and see how truly easy it is to have a monitored home security burglar and fire alarm system professionally installed in your house.

Home Security Tips - Be Safer At Home Than You Ever Imagined

25 February, 2010

The most effective home security scenarios start with a plan. What will everyone do if a fire breaks out? Where do we go if a smoke alarm sounds? What is the fastest exit from where you are in the house right now? What do we all do in case of a burglary? There can be no question that you must plan your home security if you expect to be safe and protected from burglars. Good home security starts with a monitored home security alarm system, but there are several things you can do in conjunction with a professionally installed security system that will result in additional levels of protection to your home and your family. Here are some excellent tips that will put you in full control of your home security.

The last thing a burglar wants is a challenge. They look for easy targets like unlocked doors and windows left ajar. Your primary consideration is to take these enticements away from would-be burglars. Avoid tipping your hand when you’re away from home. Make arrangements for mail and package delivery; have someone shovel your walk and driveway in the winter; set lamps, televisions, and radios on timers so they come on randomly. Whatever you can do to keep a potential burglar questioning whether you’re home or not will deter most of them. There are plenty of easier targets for them, so do what you can to send them on their way.

Deadbolt locks offer far more protection against burglaries than most people realize. A professional, case-hardened steel deadbolt – the kind that will sink into your door frame at least a half-inch – makes it very hard to get through any door without drawing an inescapable amount of unwanted attention. Get them installed today and then make sure you use them. Not only will they add a true layer of protection, they’ll also keep wannabe burglars away once they see doors outfitted with them.

Keeping your shrubs, hedges, and trees trimmed removes hiding spots around your property. Smart burglars know exactly how to “hide in plain sight”, and removing these hiding spaces will serve to frustrate them. This also removes shadows around your property, which literally serve as another tool in their already extensive arsenal. Don’t give them any assistance whatsoever. Many burglars are all ready at an advantage over some homeowners.

Truly effective home security is built on a foundation of diligence and a conscious effort to protect your home and family against emergencies. Taking away all the potential pitfalls will greatly reduce the chances of becoming just another statistic.

Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems Can Help Secure Savings on Homeowner's Insurance

18 February, 2010

The not-so-recent downturn in the economy has continued to create an onslaught of problems for homeowners. Now more than ever, homeowners struggle to stay on top of their mounting bills, not to mention meeting their due dates on skyrocketing homeowner’s insurance premiums. Fortunately, there are many ways that homeowners can cut insurance costs without sacrificing coverage.

Improving the safety and security of your home is essential in order to reduce large insurance premiums. Homeowners should install fire alarms, deadbolts and a monitored home security system. With ADT monitored security services, the majority of homeowner’s insurance carriers will provide customers with rate discounts up to 20 percent.

Insurance providers know the difference that security systems make in home protection. Studies have shown that a home with ADT Monitored Security is three times less likely to become burglarized, which saves insurance companies (and homeowners) large claims costs in the future. ADT Monitored Home Security may help to protect homeowners from burglaries, break ins, power failures, medical situations, fires and various other problematic conditions and situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

While safety and security additions to homes create the largest insurance discounts, there are many other ways to reduce premiums. Homeowners who smoke should consider kicking the habit to avoid large fees and all insurance-seekers should always weigh the option of bundling auto and homeowner’s coverage for extra discounts.

Some insurance carriers offer loyalty discounts for customers who stick around the longest. While staying with a single provider can be economically beneficial and is typically advised, it can be difficult for customers to tolerate some providers’ outrageous premium increases and the uncomfortable decline in personalized customer service.

This is why people should always shop around before selecting an insurance company and make the things that matter most to them a key component of their decision. Some customers prefer the quality and personalized customer service of local insurance agents. Younger insurance shoppers are frequently attracted to competitive low premiums and memorable ad campaigns. Of course, there are other rather obvious things homeowners can do to achieve a lower annual premium, like improving their credit rating and raising their deductible to a higher amount.

While increasing deductibles may cause financial difficulty if a loss occurs (requiring the insured to pay a higher amount before receiving insurance money), it does not affect the protection that the insurance provides.

There are many options to lower ever-increasing homeowner’s insurance premiums. However, some choices, like increasing credit ratings are more easily said than done. In desperate times, it’s easiest for customers to make the small but important home improvements.

Adding security features such as deadbolts and home security systems not only helps to secure homeowners and protect the things they value most, but also benefits homeowners during insurance renewals, and at the time of resale by adding value to the property.  ADT monitored alarm services can help offer homeowners the protection they trust and the insurance discount they can’t live without.

Home Security is Enhanced with Wireless Monitored Alarm Systems

18 February, 2010

Easy to install wireless home security alarms can be an affordable way to add an extra element of safety to your household. They help enhance peace of mind as well!

There are many types of home security alarms available. While the do-it-yourself variety may be affordable and sometimes simple to install, they’re only good as a warning to you (or whoever is in the house) if a break-in does occur.

Monitored home security alarm systems are a big improvement. Also affordable, they do more than just transmit a loud noise if an intruder gets into your home. With cellular monitoring service, help is immediately notified. The service makes sure you’re okay and contacts authorities to immediately respond to your situation.

Be sure to work with a proven and experienced security provider, such as ADT monitored home security services. Another nice factor about the professionally monitored alarms is that your home is being watched and cared for even if you’re not there. Should a break-in happen when you’re away from the house, the monitoring experts are still going to have police on the scene right away.

Installation is especially simple with wireless home security alarm equipment! Not only are these wireless systems ideal for home owners, but they’re terrific for renters as well. Being wireless and portable, they can relocate with you. And because there is no need for complicated wiring, you never have to worry about damaging walls in your place if you are a renter.

While there are many options for home security, including a loud dog and vigilant neighborhood watch, complete monitored ADT home security systems deliver protection you can count on.

Call the helpful staff at US Home Security today and find out how easy it is to improve your home's safety with affordable deals on  ADT monitored home security services.

Renters Need Home Security Too - Get Easy, Removable Wireless Alarm Equipment

8 February, 2010

Many people think of home security systems as something that only home owners can enjoy. However; wireless home security equipment is so easy to set up and easy to remove and relocate that there is no reason why renters in either apartments or rental houses cannot benefit from the same great types of monitored home safety services that are available to home owners.

Wireless alarm systems, which include audible high-decibel alarms, reliable motion detectors, door and window sensors, surveillance cameras and smoke and heat detectors, do not require any wiring. No drilling into walls or complicated hardware means that you don't risk losing your security deposit in a rental unit. You shouldn't have to risk your family's safety and well-being just because you rent your residence.

Having monitored home security is just as important in an apartment, modular home park or rented house as it is in an owned home. Especially in apartment complexes where there is a lot of activity and many residents in one compact area, it might be less likely for neighbors to notice any potentially suspicious activity. This is where the monitored security service really comes into play.

Monitored alarm systems have a sensor that notifies the servicing centers, alerting them to a breach of your safety 24/7. The trained technicians at the service center will contact you to verify that you are safe. They will then contact authorities in your immediate area to notify them of the situation (fire, break in or medical emergency) and make sure help is on the way.

Even if you are away from home, you can trust that the ADT monitored home security service is keeping a watchful eye over your household.

Trust in ADT monitored home security services and reliable wireless alarm systems to keep your home as safe as possible, whether you own or rent. Crime occurs with such frequency that it just doesn't make sense to go without a dependable home security plan.

When you have monitored home security systems and wireless equipment, you know that your safety moves with you any time you do have to relocate. Home owners and renters alike enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having the most dependable safety system they can afford. Call today and find out how ADT monitored home security can help your entire household feel a little safer.