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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Archive - Page 8

Motion Detectors | Motion Detectors Offer A Wide Range Of Functionality And Uses

22 January, 2010

Motion detectors combine a physical mechanism and an electronic sensor, which sets up a sensing field. When an intruder enters this sensing field their presence is immediately detected. Detection can deter unwanted intruders from entering your home, and alert you when they do. So motion detectors will even compliment your existing security system.

In commercial settings motion detectors can be used to alert you when a customer comes through your door, letting you decide to either offer assistance or to further monitor their actions. This has a dual benefit. For customers, an audible alert lets them know that you are aware that they have entered your premises and are likely to attend to them quickly. It also benefits you because the alarm is a deterrent for thieves. If they know that you are aware they have entered your premises or have quickly left then they are less likely to choose your business for their shoplifting activities.

In industrial sectors motion detectors also play a big role in security systems. They can be integrated into existing systems very easily and include motion detection lights which switch on to provide a safe work environment, or safe passage to and from buildings and work areas. Lights that switch on based on motion being detected on the outside of warehouses also act as a deterrent to thieves and prowlers

Motion detectors can also be connected to cameras, allowing video monitoring that is triggered by the motion. This saves a lot of hard drive space, or recording tape, because the recorders are only active once any motion is detected. That’s when cameras are switched on and start recording, often aided by the lighting that was also triggered by the motion. This means that only important activity is recorded, which is a real time saver when it come times to review security footage and recordings.

So, what makes motion detectors accurate and easy to use?

For starters, infrared technology is at the core. A weatherproof infrared camera with an adjustable lens provides high degree of flexibility because it can capture images that are a long distance away from where it is positioned. This is important because you want good protection at night.

Video motion detection is one of the more advanced motion detection systems. In some systems the DVR and the monitor are combined into one unit. They are customizable so you can choose exactly which parts of your property you would like to monitor.

Simple sound devices are those that alert you when something has entered the sensory field. Sensitivity can be altered to increase detection accuracy. When integrated with professional security systems from such great providers as ADT, GE, Brinks, and Monitronics, your home or business security system becomes easy to manage.

Don’t underestimate the value of motion detectors as a complete part of your home or small business security system. They’re smart enough to tell the difference between an intruderyou’re your family pet. Contact today to learn more about your options in motion detector technology.

Your Home Safety Senses |Great Fire Protection Addresses All Of Our Senses

16 November, 2009

Is your home properly protected against fire, smoke, and heat damage? Do you feel like home and family are adequately prepared for these types of emergencies? Fire is obviously quite damaging to property, and a serious threat to life and limb. In order for fire prevention and protection at home to make a difference, it needs to be effective, well thought out, and properly maintained to immediately alert and instantly activate in the event of fire. Really good fire protection safeguards assets and protects lives.

When a fire breaks out nearly all of our sense detect it early. We can see flames, smell smoke, and feel the heat it generates. We can even hear to roar of the growing threat. In order for fire protection to make a difference, it must target our senses. As an example, many fires start at night when we are asleep and not able to sense the initial blaze. Initial fire alarms must be loud and identifiable as exactly that: emergency alarms. By the time we wake up and are aware of our surroundings we have lost critical time that could literally spell the difference between life and death.

The homes security and fire prevention experts at ADT Home Security offer these suggestions to help you devise a home security alarm system and emergency prevention plan that will properly target your senses:

Hearing. Install high-decibel fire, heat, and smoke alarms throughout your house and test them often. The shrill of the alarm should instantly rouse your family from sleep. Testing them in the middle of the night will give you an indication of their effectiveness.

Sight. Emergency alarms can be configured to work with the lights in your house or apartment. These systems are quite useful for people with hearing problems because they attract attention without relying on audible alarms.

Smell. Carbon monoxide detectors monitor for the presence of noxious gases inside a building. These gases are deadly and detectors can alert you long before levels are too high.

Touch. Heat detectors sense changes in room temperatures and will alert you before you can see flames. Install these wireless devices in areas of your house where fire might be more likely, such as a furnace room or water heater closet. This quick response will help get to safety early.

Let US Home Security and ADT Home Security help you put together the most effect home security fire prevention plan possible, which includes fire, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensors.

Smoke Detectors | Your First Line Of Defense In Case Of Fire

2 November, 2009

Ensuring that you have smoke detectors in your home has become such a rallying cry over the years that it's now something people take for granted. Unfortunately, many homes still remain under protected or completely unprotected. The fact is, however, smoke detectors, like seatbelts, really can save lives.

Did you know that residential fires kill more than 5,000 people on average each year in the United States? According to a recent report by the U.S. Fire Administration, residential fires represent 84% of all fire-related deaths, and 81% of injuries to non-emergency personnel in 2008.

According to the same study, the most common causes of fires at home are cooking, heating devices, and open flames like garden torches or candles. Open flames and smoking in bed are the most likely cause of fire-related deaths.

When you consider these findings, it’s really quite shocking that more homeowners don’t maintain their smoke detectors in good working order. Something as simple as changing the batteries regularly will save lives, yet many homeowners today are lazy about that one simple preventative maintenance task. So many fires happen at night, when families are sleeping, which further stresses the need for working smoke detectors on every level of your house, and near areas like furnaces and bedrooms. There's no denying the simple fact that smoke detectors are essential for giving you the chance to escape a fire.

Here are some tips from the home security experts at US Home Security that will help you install and maintain your smoke detectors:

Proper smoke detector installation locations are on ceilings or high on walls. Place them away from cold air returns, air conditioners, exhaust fans, and other types of air circulation units. Locate them in bedrooms or in a location where they can be heard in the bedrooms when the doors are shut.

Perform monthly unit tests. Smoke detectors have a button that can be pushed to test the alarm, and there are various spray products that can be used to test the sensors and alarm response of each unit. Don't forget to change the batteries at least once a year.

Vacuum or dust the inlet of each smoke detector regularly to ensure the grills do not get clogged and are operating a peak performance.

Never uninstall or disconnect smoke detectors if the tend to sound a lot of false alarms. This just means they're too close to a cooking or heating source. Instead, move them away from those units and reinstall them in a better location. Disconnecting a smoke detector renders it useless. A simple relocation is the best solution for false alarm situations.

Your home security specialist at US Home Security will be able to advise you as to which types of smoke detectors should be placed in different locations throughout your premises. Don't let a sour economy be an excuse for not protection you, your home, and your loved ones.

Alarm Systems | Security Measures To Protect Your Family

26 October, 2009

Did you know that a complete home security alarm system, including monitoring from a nationally recognized alarm system monitoring company, is the only way to be sure your home, family, and belongings are protected from burglary and other dangers? Too many people don’t take the time to concern themselves about their family’s safety at home, and the reason cited is almost always the same: because we have never had any burglaries, fires, or floods before.

Far too many people assume it will always be that way, that nothing bad or unforeseen will ever happen, and as a result never address any home security measures at all, including the simplest of things like deadbolt locks. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous assumption to make. Decide today to not make this same mistake. Take the time to assess the true security needs for your home and family, which needs to include the best security alarm system you can get.

Start your assessment by determining all the vulnerable areas of your home. This includes any outside door, your garage door, and any ground-level windows. You should also make a nighttime inspection of your home and property, looking for shadows and easy hiding spots for burglars.

If you conduct your home security risk assessment with the thought that a burglar will use any way they can to get in, this will help you to not only identify every possible means of entry, but will also help you put as many obstacles in their way as possible. Burglars want to be in and out in under five minutes, and usually won't work to get into a home that shows signs of being secured. They will move on to an easier target.

Here is a list of things you must consider when putting together a home security alarm system plan.

Fence your property. Having to go over a fence or through a gate may instantly inspire a would-be intruder to move on to the next house.

Secure doors and windows. Install steel-case deadbolts on every exterior door, and strong locks on every window. You can augment these locks by installing door and window sensors, which will notify you instantly if there is a security breech.

Motion detection lights for the outside of your house. Burglars live in the shadows of your property and will find hiding places near trees, shrubs, sheds, and vehicles. Using exterior lighting with motion sensors will greatly deter a burglar from setting foot on your property.

Wireless perimeter cameras. Wireless cameras are a great way to monitor your property, including your front porch for when the doorbell rings. Cameras will alert you to the presence of a burglar long before they have a chance to break into your home.

These are the most important elements and equipment to be included in your home security burglar alarm system. It's a great idea to learn all you can about security before any emergency or disaster strikes. This is the best way to keep you, your family, and your home safe and secure.

Home Security Systems Protect From More Than Intruders

15 October, 2009

Home security systems are something most of us intend on implementing into our homes. Unfortunately, for some, it is not until tragedy strikes that we realize how important a home security system is for the safety of our family and homes.

Home security systems are most frequently associated with the protection of home invasions and burglaries. Often times we are not aware of the many features aside from these that the home security system can provide. In the case of a medical emergency, people are often times in shock and do not know how to react. The home security system makes this easy. By pressing a button you are immediately connected to a live operator who will send emergency crews to you, leaving critical situations in the hands of professionals.

These two reasons alone are enough to find out all of the benefits of owning a home security system. But there is more. How many times have tragic stories been flashed across your television screens of an entire family found deceased from carbon monoxide poisoning? Far too many! To think of the many calamities, such as this, that could have been avoided with a simple monitoring system in the home is tragic. As if these reasons are not enough to call today, the added benefit of having a home system that helps protect your possessions and family against natural disasters such as, fires, floods, as well as other urgent situations is! There could not possibly be anything more important than taking every precaution necessary in order to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

In an economy where pennies must be pinched, it is hard to conceive that the plethora of features being offered could actually be surprisingly affordable. Startlingly enough, the cost of all of this are actually far less than one would expect to pay, often times less than satellite TV! At these rates, now is the time to secure the safety of your family and possessions. Find out what options would be most appropriate for you. Rather it be a wireless service, or a more extensive package, there is one that will give you the greatest piece of mind, all within your budge! With the money back service guarantee, what do you have to lose? Take the time to make that call and get started on the protection of your home and family.