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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Archive - Page 2

How You Can Improve On Your Home Security

3 June, 2010

Many homeowners fail to take any measures to improve their home security because they don't know how to get started, or because they think it's too large of a job with a high-dollar price tag. When it comes to home security there's one truth that never changes: Doing nothing will never improve your home security.

Most of the time home security tips are a combination of a lot of little things that, when combined, become a large thing; a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts. The reason the little things matter is because that's where burglars focus their attention. A door clearly left unlocked, three days worth of newspapers on your front porch, a window cracked open for fresh air, a storage shed without a lock. These are the types of fixes that are inexpensive – even free – and will fend off more potential burglars than you might realize.

One thing a lot of homeowners don't consider are the hidden or unidentifiable stresses that come with a lack of home security. Worrying about your home being burglarized, or how you can stop it, or what would happen if a fire broke out, or if a pipe broke and started to flood your basement take their toll on the mind and body. Stress can work in two different ways, and only one of them is good. Some homeowners will put an end to the stress by taking care of the things that are causing the stress. Changing the batteries in all the smoke detectors, replacing a broken lock, putting a dowel or rod in the track of a window or sliding door, or even changing that front porch light bulb. Like magic, the stresses over the lack of home security begin to wane.

Conversely, stress can cause some people to do nothing because they're overwhelmed. If you're this type of person you have to quickly realize that continued inaction is keeping your family at risk of the dangers of a home invasion, a kitchen fire, or even carbon monoxide poisoning, which almost always results in death. If you're feeling paralyzed about your lack of home security, all you have to do is one thing. Make it a small, easy chore, something you can complete in a relatively short period of time, and one that will make you really feel like you're getting maximum return.

Installing a deadbolt lock on your front door is one of the simplest and most ineffective home security measures you can take, and is actually one of the smartest moves you can make as a home owner. The benefit of case hardened steel deadbolt lock are exponentially higher than any costs associated with their installation.

Once you've taken one small step you'll realize how easy it really was. Parlay that into taking a second step, then a third, and a fourth and before you know it your home is more secure, and your family is safer than ever before.

Finish the project with a professionally installed and monitored ADT home security system and enjoy the benefits of multiple dispatch centers, highly trained emergency dispatchers, and around the clock protection for you, your home, and your family.

Home Safety- Smoke Detector Maintenance

27 May, 2010

Like seatbelts, smoke detectors save lives. If you're the kind of person who insists on wearing seatbelts, and insists that everyone in the car with you buckles up, then you're also the kind of person who insists on having smoke detectors in your house. If not, then there's really no excuse, and by the end of this article you'll know why.

So, do you have properly functioning smoke detectors in your home? Do you even know how you can tell if they're working? Most homeowners feel like they have a handle on the smoke detectors in their homes, but you'd be surprised how many people don't realize they're battery operated and not actually tied into the electrical plant of the house. Battery backup is critical in the even the power goes out. Your home and family still need protection from smoke and fire in a power outage, and quite possibly more so than when the power is on.

This is a part of home security that simply cannot be overlooked. Smoke detectors do save lives every day, and can save your life and the lives of your family should a fire ever break out in your house.

Preventative maintenance will ensure that the smokes detectors in your house are working at optimal effectiveness. This can be done by checking each detector once per month. An easy way to remember is to schedule it as the first thing you do to start each month. Placing home security at the top of your list for keeping your family safe is a great way to ensure you'll remember to do this.

Make sure the inlet vents of each detector are clear of dust and debris. A great way to perform this task is to buy a can of compressed air, which are pretty much available everywhere, and certainly anywhere personal computers are sold. Smoke detectors also come equipped with a button you can press to test the high decibel siren. Check each smoke detector to ensure they'll sound if smoke is detected.

Every six months the batteries need to be changed. Virtually every smoke detector manufactured today runs on a standard 9-volt battery. You can purchase these anywhere. The cover generally twists off easily, exposing the battery. Simply remove the old battery and replace it with a fresh one. We change ours on New Year's day and once again on the 4th of July. They're simple dates to remember and seem to fit with what we're doing. Whichever days you choose doesn't matter. Just remember to change them twice per year.

Protect your home with a professionally installed and monitored ADT home security system, complete with smoke detectors, and discover why millions of homeowners protect their homes the very same way.

What is a Medical Pendant - Additional Home Security Equipment

21 May, 2010

A Personal Emergency Response System, often referred to as a medical pendant or medical panic button, is an electronic personal security device designed to work in conjunction with a monitored home security system. Medical pendants were developed with the goal to help anyone who would feel more comfortable having a "panic" button to wear on their person. Primarily, this targets our elderly loved ones, those who are less mobile, and the medically needy and/or sensitive. It is also especially beneficial to those who are disabled and live on their own.

A personal medical pendant keeps whomever is wearing it connected to their home security monitoring company around the clock, 365 days per year. Alerts are routed to highly trained specialists skilled at dealing with medical emergencies that could involve an elderly or immobile person who's fallen and can't get up, to seizures, to heart attacks, and a complete range of issues particular to this type of person.

The medical pendant is also versatile enough to go with you where you are in your house, including the bathtub or shower. It's completely waterproof which means you or your loved one will never have to be without the ability to summon immediate help. Some medical pendants can also detect a sudden drop in elevation, which alerts home security monitoring personnel to the likelihood the person wearing the pendant has fallen.

Many devices will also detect unsafe temperatures – both high and low – which could prove disastrous if not attend to immediately. These personal emergency response units also allow for two-way communication with dispatchers. This is particularly useful if you or your loved one is unable to make it to the control panel. To make this feature even more convenient, long-range capabilities have been built into the units. You can be as far as 300 feet away from the control panel and still get the emergency assistance you need. That's the length of a football field, which means you can even be in your yard and can summon help.

For anyone who has a medical condition, or mobility issues, is elderly and lives alone, or just wants an additional level of protection and security at home, a personal emergency response unit can literally be a lifesaver. When the emergency alert reaches the home security dispatch center, your medical pendant will identify who you are, and will instantly have your information in front of a skilled dispatcher who will know exactly how to help you. They can quickly go through your medical history and contact the appropriate emergency response personnel in your area, including family members.

For the ultimate in home security personal protection, choose a monitored home alarm complete with a personal emergency response unit, and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

House Sitters - A Reasonable Vacation Expense

17 May, 2010

A friend of the family was putting together vacation plans a couple of months ago when I suggested to her she hire a house sitter to watch over her place while she was out of the country for two weeks. At first she balked. After all, a person's home is their private domain, and inviting someone in to essentially have the run of the house for a fortnight is even less appealing than it sounds. At least on first blush.

We spoke for a while about this, and after that first conversation she said she'd think about it. I'd ask her about it every so often, just to gauge where she was in the process. Mostly, she wasn't anywhere in the process; she'd already decided against it. As soon as I figured that out, I saw an opportunity for a different tactic.

I asked her what she was going to do about her mail delivery. She said she'd probably just have the post office hold it for her, but wasn't totally decided yet. Actually, that's a smart idea if you're going to be away for awhile. The post office will gladly halt deliver service on the day you specify, and restart the service when you return. I did tell her, however, that if she had a house sitter that would be one less thing that could go wrong.

I asked about her yard. Who was going to do the yard work. It was a precarious time of year when she went on vacation, and over two weeks she might have needed the lawn mowed or the driveway and sidewalks shoveled. She hadn't really considered her yard, which means I finally had her thinking about a house sitter.

I asked what her plans were regarding lights, both inside and out. She no sooner had said she was just going to leave the place dark when she realized how awful that really sounds. It would only take a couple of days of a burglar scoping out her house to realize no one was at home, and that could prove very costly for her. She's got some very nice furnishings in her house, some exceedingly valuable, which no burglar would pass up.

We talked a while longer, and I still wasn't certain which way she was leaning. Finally she asked me who might be a good house sitter and I told her she already knew the perfect person: her good friend Steve, who happens to be my younger brother. He lives with roommates, so he wouldn't be leaving a place vacant while he sat at her place. She warmed to the idea quickly.

In the end she did use Steve to house sit while she was in Mexico for two weeks, and it really only cost her some food she bought ahead of time and a couple of Pay Per View movies that were totally part of the deal.

It's not always practical or even possible to have someone sit in your house while you're away on vacation, but a house sitter in addition to your monitored home security system is a very effective way to protect your house and belongings while you're away.

Home Security Means Preparing for the Unexpected

10 May, 2010

Have you seen some of these headlines and stories lately?

"Woman Attempts Robbery, Tries To Eat Note"

"Man Charged With Stealing Firefighter's Helmet"

"Woman's Gun Stolen After Leaving It In Restroom"

"Police Seek Bank Robber Who Handed Out $100 Bills"

"Mom Turns In Son For Stealing Drugs From Her Bra"

I didn't make up a single one of those headlines, and I've read the articles associated with each of them. I could have provided a dozen more, easily, just from the month of May, and it's only the 10th of the month!

What I've discovered is this: robbers and burglars, by and large, aren't a very smart group of people and will do some very stupid things. Herein lies the problem. When putting together a home security plan to protect you, your family, and your personal property it's hard to factor in "stupid criminals".

Fortunately, comprehensive home security is about dealing with variables, in the "stupid criminal" variable. Here are some examples:

A burglar will hide in the shadows on your property. This is true, so your comprehensive home security plan should include such things as removing objects from your yard behind which they can hide; keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed so burglars can't use them as hiding spots; install exterior lighting to illuminate problem areas in your yard.

Burglars check for unlocked doors and windows. This not only makes perfect sense, but it's entirely true. Most home are broken into by way of an open window or unlocked door. The solution, as part of your comprehensive home security plan, is to keep your doors and windows locked, install strong sash locks on your windows, and deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors.

While burglars will rob you any time, day or night, if they think you're not at home they'll be more likely to strike. Again, as part of your comprehensive home security plan you need to make provisions for making it appear as though people are at home, particularly when you aren't. Make arrangements for mail and packages to be picked up while you're away; have someone mow your lawn or shovel your walks when you're away for an extended period; put lamps, television, and radios on timers to turn on and off at random times. These things will give the appearance that someone is home.

Whether it's pure dumb luck or not, homes without a security system like a monitored ADT alarm installed get burglarized three times more often than homes with one. Apply the tips mentioned above and have an ADT monitored system installed in your home today, they even come with window decals and yard signs so you can proudly advertise the fact that your home is professionally protected. Maybe that's how burglars know which homes to rob and which to avoid!