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Home Security Articles

Home Security Articles Archive - Page 9

Lazard CEO Wasserstein Dies At Age 61-Where's The Security?

14 October, 2009

With the sudden passing of Lazard CEO Bruce Wasserstein, just 61 years old, we're reminded of how fleeting life can be. Such thoughts bring to mind considerations of security, in the home, workplace, financial venues and more.

Sources for Lazard stated last Sunday that their CEO, Wasserstein, had been admitted to a hospital due to an irregular heartbeat, but noted that the exec was 'stable and recovering' despite his serious condition. Exact cause of death is unknown at this time. Wasserstein had been the head of Lazard since 2002, taking the company public in 2005. His shares are frozen at this time.

The man was certainly no stranger to stress, being part of the high-pressure world of investment banking for more than 30 years. Wasserstein is credited with brokering lucrative big-name, big-ticket transactions in the range of roughly $251 billion. He was a tough negotiator and helped many businessmen redefine the art of the deal.

While Wasserman's sudden passing comes as a shock, we have to keep in mind that none of us are not immortal. Planning for the well being and financial security of those we care about after we're gone is a responsible and necessary task. Security and safety while we're here is paramount, too. Along with realistic financial security, we need to be mindful of physical security also. Having a home security system is one very reliable step toward that goal.

Cost Versus Benefit Of Protecting Your Home

12 October, 2009

Everyone knows it costs money to invest in a home security system. When considering the pros and cons, the money factor would probably be at the top of everyone's con list if it's not the only thing on the list. But if you're weighing your options and considering a home security system, consider the cost versus benefits and see which weighs more heavily.

If you're looking at it realistically, you'll have to cover a couple of different expenses. First, there's the monthly fee of having a security company monitor your home. Then, there are the costs of equipment and installation fees. As you consider these things, it seems the cost side is getting heavier and heavier. However, this isn't necessarily true.

Today many home security companies have made services affordable. Not only can you find specials and promotional rates on monthly fees, but you can also find companies who are giving basic equipment packages free when you commit to using their services for a certain amount of time. And high installation fees are also a thing of the past. Many companies are willing to cut the cost of installation or even offer gift cards or other incentives. Some companies even have equipment that is easy to self-install, so service fees aren't even an issue.

The costs don't have to be high. But you can still reap the benefits. Not only does a security system offer protection of your home and family, but it could even save you money in the long run. Many people don't realize that when they have a home security system, they're most likely eligible for a discount on their homeowner's insurance premium. And many companies offer reimbursement of insurance deductibles if your home is broken into.

It's hard not to invest in something that pays off in so many ways in the end. If you're worried about spending the money, think about the ways you are getting it back. The best thing to do if you're considering a home security system is to call and get information on several different companies. You can find the best equipment and service to fit your needs. And checking into multiple security companies will also help guarantee you're getting the best price you can. Call and find which benefits you can have for the affordable deal of the moment.

Avoid Dangerous In-Home Accidents

5 October, 2009

Many people turn to home security to protect themselves from what’s outside. Once inside their homes, most people feel safe as long as they can keep everything else out. What some don’t consider is that they also need protection from things inside their homes. Many accidents occur within the safe comfort zone of one’s home. The fatality rate for these types of accidents is second only to automobile accidents.

Two of the five leading causes of fatal home injury are fire and accidental poisoning. Carbon monoxide is the top cause of poisoning deaths in the U.S. Since you can’t smell or see it, this could kill you before you even know it’s there. The only way to ensure you’re aware when dangerous levels are present is to install detectors. Many home security companies, such as US Home, offer this feature. They professionally install carbon monoxide detectors in locations most likely to detect the danger soonest. They ensure that you are protected against this toxic poison within your home.

Another one of the top dangers of home accident fatalities is fire. This includes fire-related deaths from smoke. In fact, most victims die from the smoke or toxic gas, rather than the flames themselves. If a fire occurs, you may not be aware of it in time if you are not properly equipped. This can also be avoided with the help of home security companies. Their professional installers know where the highest risks of fire in the home are. They can install smoke and heat sensors in locations nearest these fire hazards. This will give early warning of impending danger.

When you are made aware of these dangers early on, you can call for emergency help and save yourself, your family and your home. With home security services, many systems would not only detect the danger, but also call emergency services for you. They give you direct contact with local police and fire officials. In an emergency situation your call for help will be responded to quickly and efficiently.

Detecting danger and having the power to deal with it quickly is just another benefit of home security systems. Working with a reliable provider such as ADT will keep you safe and offer peace of mind! Check out the many services available. Most companies offer extra features and equipment to fit your personal needs. Protect yourself from people getting in, but also make sure you’re protected from dangers already in your own home.